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Puma Swede Gallery Updates Archive

Browse the entries provided below to view the archived listings of all of the Puma Swede galleries, pics and videos, contained within this site. As we add more galleries, they will be added to this page.

Note: ONLY the galleries not already listed on the main page will be listed here. The most recently listed galleries can be found on the main page.

Puma Swede Galleries Archive

Puma Swede Shows Off Her Sexy Long Legs

Busty Puma Swede wears tiny jean shorts and high heels so that her super long legs are shown off to the fullest extent. Her top gets lifted so that she can flaunt her giant boobs t...
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Puma Swede Gets Fucked By Tyler Faith

When dirty blonde babes Puma Swede and Tyler Faith get horny, they fuck each other. It doesn't matter at all that the busty blondes are outside in the driveway. When the urge hits...
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Puma Swede Beautifies the Yard and Wrangles Cock

James' girlfriend is going out of town and she has a few chores she wants James to take care of before she gets back. The main one being grooming the lawn. There's no way James is...
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Puma Swede Hardcore Anal Fuck in Stockings

Ladies, what do you do when your boy toy stops doing what he's supposed to do? When you're plaything starts acting up, it's time to call the Cock Whisperer, Puma Swede. She knows e...
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Pornstar Puma Swede Gets Playful With Sex Toys

Puma Swede is a highly popular pornstar because not only is she sexy as hell but she knows how to work her goods for the camera. This pictorial has the busty blonde going solo and...
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Puma Swede Tiny Black Dress

Puma Swede is a milf that knows how to look the oart. She shows her big boobs in a sexy dress and is wearing tiny panties. As she slips off her dress, you see her have some fun, an...
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